Homemade disinfectant circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Homemade disinfectant circuit of the present example describes the electrolytic salt solution method to produce sodium hypochlorite (NaCk "disinfectant can be used for students living supplies disinfection.

Homemade disinfectant circuit
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(1) The circuit disinfectant generator circuit from the power circuit and the timing control circuit composition, as shown. the power supply circuit by the control buttons SB1, fuse FU, power transformer T, rectifier bridge VDJ ~ VD4, filter capacitor Ci, current limiting resistor Rz, power indicator light-emitting diode LED and ammeter PA components. Timing the control circuit from when base integrated circuit IC, potentiometer resistor RI ,, brother, capacitors Island, the control button SB2 diode VD5 and relays K composition. (2) works press of the control button SB (SB1.SB2 linkage), the AC 220V voltage by T buck, VD1-VD4 Cl rectification and after crossing the filter to generate a DC voltage 5v, all the way through the ammeter PA applied to the electrodes a, the b, in the container brine electrolysis I limit all the way down through R after pressing LED lights; the other way as the timing control circuit power supply. when the contact is turned off SB2, Ic's feet and feet @ goes low, feet high output, K pull-power station its normally open contact connected to the power supply through t lock (power remains on state s after release). then by R and G RP to charge the timing circuit starts timing, so the IC feet and foot voltage constantly @ rise when the voltage across the charge c2 to 8V or more and .Jc circuit flip, which pin output low, K release, K normally open charm points off the AC input power supply circuit is disconnected, making disinfectant (electrolysis of saline) process is ended. increased electrode electrodes a and b, the distance can be reduced as a positive current (operating current of about 5A to).

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