Homemade subwoofer playback system 01

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Audio equipment from the former speaker output terminals left and right channel signal, the Rl, RZ mixed units, after ICla buffer into the high and low pass filter. Filter uses

Homemade subwoofer playback system 01
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JFET input stage low-noise high-impedance op amp TJ.D82 mouth lC lb, etc. form a low-pass filter with a cutoff frequency of 20Hz o so that the output of the buffer IC2b obtained Figure 9-23 as band crossing pass filter characteristic frequency range of 20Hz ~ 150Hz female power amplifier having overheating, overload protection integrated amplifier LM1875 two form BTI. Amplifier output power nearly loow, capable enough power subwoofer amplifier o RP for the subwoofer volume adjustment. This special zoom 20Hz ~ 15 0Hz PA ultra-low frequency signal, with any connection type subwoofer. It is generally believed that the inverter box closed box than the lower limit of the bass reproduction, but in actual production t inverted relative to the Q value box speaker has very strict requirements; calculation, production, commissioning slightly wrong, it would lower frequency reproduction not up to the requirements. Without the necessary acoustical testing methods Amateur conditions, the advantages of the phase inverted box actually elusive 6 Relatively speaking, closed box strict requirements for Q value, which is calculated, affecting production, commissioning error on performance than down with smaller boxes, and transient response should be better than inverter box. The disadvantage of the closed box manifested primarily in their frequency response from a higher frequency began to decline, but this shortcoming just 9-23 available in high and low-pass filter to compensate for only reproducing 20Hz ~}} 5 0Hz signal, you can replay the sealed tank reaches or exceeds the lower limit of inverter box level. Where the election by 10 inches, 70W-made speakers, the impedance of 8n, force closed box size 510mm 420mm 260mm, sound-absorbing material infill.

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