Homemade whole integrated circuit amplifiers 01

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Circuit shown in Figure 5-60 in Figure 6 by the operational amplifier IC op amp set up a channel pre-amplifier to compensate for the loss of tone control circuit caused by inse

Homemade whole integrated circuit amplifiers 01
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rtion. Another group of op amp one channel driven stage amplifier circuit to obtain sufficient excitation voltage port RP11. RP4 and other components of the two-channel bass adjustment circuit; RP2, RP3 and other components group into treble adjustment circuits for both channels. Two-channel volume control circuit is a loudness control circuit t by the RP5.RP6 metadata such pieces of composition. When the smaller volume, bass can be improved accordingly. RP7 RP8 can adjust the output balance of the left and right channel volume. Power amp circuit TDA2030 IC, its shape is V-shaped five-pin single in-line plastic package, the volume is small. When using when 18V power supply, the load can be obtained not less than 8,0 isw output power armor distortion less than 0.5%. As shown in Figure 5-61 are l. M324 and Tf) A2030 appearance.

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