Human biological signals consisting of a preamplifier circuit INA102

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Shown for the human biological signals preamplifier circuit. In the medical equipment often need to measure the bodys biological signals such as ECG, EEG. Since biological signals are weak, it is very high amplification circuits. The circuit used with

Human biological signals consisting of a preamplifier circuit INA102
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a low-power device integrated operational amplifier INA102. The integrated chip INA102 features are: small quiescent current (up to 750 A); internal gain through different connection pins varies, which has selectable gain: l, 10,100 and 1000, the figure pin 4, 5, 6 and 7 is connected to the pin can be connected to the largest gain of 1000; high gain accuracy and drift (up to 5 10-6 / ); common-mode rejection ratio (minimum 90dB); a small offset voltage (max l00 V); small non-linear distortion (maximum 0.01%); small offset voltage drift (max 2 V / ); high input resistance (1010 ). The circuit voltage amplification factor of 1000, the output voltage peak value of up to 1V.

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