Hybrid power amplifier 01

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

CD4069 unit structure of FIG. 2-5 (a) shown below, it is composed of two abutment surfaces into CMOSFET, the input-output characteristics shown in Figure 2-s (b) in Fig. Becaus

Hybrid power amplifier 01
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e of its characteristics is a superior unit switching curve, so a combination of common CD406q into various types of automatic switch control circuit, a single spike or square cross generator, in fact, seldom as a linear amplifier 6 Figure 2-5 (b) of the the curve shown is idealized characteristic line, the actual characteristic curve shown in Figure 2-5 (c) as shown, there is a linear zone in its middle region. As a result the unit CD4069 are connected in FIG. 2-5 (d) an amplifier in the form shown in the CD4069 input audio signal injection time signal ei, at its output can be made of high-fidelity amplified signal eo,

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