Integrated OTL power amplifier circuit composed by the TDA2040

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

By an integrated power amplifier TDA2040 composed OTL power amplifier circuit is shown, which uses +3V single supply as the working voltage. This circuit voltage gain 30 dB (32

Integrated OTL power amplifier circuit composed by the TDA2040
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

times magnification), the speaker impedance Z chaos 4 Q, output power I5W, speaker barrier anti ZBL: 80, the output power is 7.5W. In this circuit, the voltage signal by the integrated power amplifier IC-inverting input terminal of the input coupling capacitor .cl .RJ, bias resistor R2 to the inverting input terminal of the integrated circuit in the power supply voltage of i bias/2 (+16 V) .R3 role is to prevent the bias resistor R, Rz reduced input impedance .Rs feedback resistor, it C4, R4 together form the exchange of negative feedback network, the decision circuit a voltage amplification gain of the circuit RS/R4.C7 the coupling capacitor .R6, C6 form the output terminal network vibration absorption, prevent self-excited circuit .C, the power supply filter capacitor C5.

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