Interpretation of visual fatigue eliminator Circuit Design

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

A long time reading, writing, the distance between the eyes and the book too close, the light is too dark, etc. are the main cause of decreased vision. This example describes t

Interpretation of visual fatigue eliminator Circuit Design
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he visual fatigue eliminator, can help to eliminate eye fatigue, prevention of myopia. Circuit works The elimination of visual fatigue from the pulse generator circuit, the count divider and LED display circuit, as shown in FIG. Circuit, the pulse generator circuit by the time-base integrated circuit IC 1, the resistors R1, R2, diode VD1 and capacitor Cl, C2 composition; counting by the divider circuit decimal counting/pulse distributor integrated circuit IC2 and diode VD2 - VD11 composition; LED display circuit consists of resistors R3 - R6 and a light-emitting diode VLl V L4 components. After the pulse generator power work, ICl 3 feet oscillation signal output from the pulse count as IC2. IC2 after power-on reset, in the role of the input pulse, its YO Y9 end a cycle of the output high, drive VL1 a VM cycle according to certain rules kept light. When the end of IC2 YO, Y4 and Y7 end-side output high, VLI is lit; the Y1 end, when Y6-side output high, V L2 is lit; at the end of Y2, Y5 and Y9-ended output high-end power usually, V L3 is lit. At the end of Y3 and Y8-side output high, V L4 is lit. VLI order a light emitting diode emitting VL4 is VLl-VL2-L3-VL4-VLl-VL3-VL2-VL1-VL4-VL3-VLl-VL2 continuous loop. The four light emitting diode (VLI V a fight) are mounted on a plane, down, left and right positions symmetrical with each other (up, down or left and right distance corresponding to the two light-emitting diodes is about 30mm). When the eye fatigue, eye with light-emitting diode light kept turning off (when in use, the distance between eyes and the light emitting diode is 25 - 30cm), to achieve the elimination of eye fatigue, the purpose of prevention of myopia. Component selection Rl a R6 use 1/4W carbon film resistors or metal film resistors. C1 and C2 use monolithic capacitors or polyester capacitors. VD1 VD11 are made of a 1 N4148 silicon switching diodes. VU a VL4 are made µ5mm or µmm green high-brightness light-emitting diodes. IC 1 NE555 type used when the base integrated circuit; IC2 use CD4017 type decimal counting/pulse divider circuit.

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