Low drift integrator

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

As shown in FIG integrator drift is very small, at a temperature of -55 C ~ + does not exceed 500 V/s within 125 C range. FIG basic integrator constituted by an operational amp

Low drift integrator
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lifier, resistor R1 and capacitor C1. In order to improve the stability of the integrator, the circuit in the operational amplifier non-inverting input plus a resistor R4 and capacitor C2 (R4 R1, C2 C1), the input bias current points. Reset circuit, the FET Q1 and Q2 short-circuiting the capacitor C1, R1 flowing through the input bias current will not cause the offset voltage. When Q1 and Q2 is turned off, the circuit start points, then the bias current flowing through R1 will produce offset voltage. In the same phase of the operational amplifier being connected to the integrating circuit can offset the offset voltage at the inverting input terminal generated. When the two input bias resistors are equal, the output drift is very small. LM108 circuit used in a high input impedance operational amplifier.

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