MM36SB020 two-wire wiring diagram

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Chip power later, when the strobe IEB held low, the memory can be transferred to the instruction, address, write or read data. All means order, address, data transfer is starte

MM36SB020 two-wire wiring diagram
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d from the lower (LSB). There are two special means order; RMEC and WEBC. RMEC is continuously read data from memory, it is necessary to be executed after the instruction RME, people lose RMEC instruction. Not enter an address, the address is automatically incremented RME; WEBC instruction, too, must be in WEB instruction execution after execution. When the device is connected to the controller MM36SB020, 2-wire serial bus line mode, the software uses the query/control. Its circle in Figure 27-55 hardwired shown. Wing door systems are in the process of running the buttocks, the cell user: 4) keyboard module without the need to carry a card key people Guangdong card and password to open the door operation, invite you to set multiple keys keyboard interface requirements for system design, Common array keyboard occupies a large number of I/O resources, in order to reduce the number of I/O ports, the design chosen HD7279A keyboard display smart chip.

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