NOT circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

A common-emitter transistor amplifier, the opposite phase output signal of the input signal, also known as an inverting amplifier. As this electrical path for amplifying the pu

NOT circuit
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lse signal from the inverting amplifier is enabled, this circuit is a non-A circuit, that is, NAND gate logically. Is an integrated circuit made by a non-shown in FIG. gates, namely the inverter, the output signal of the opposite phase to the input, positive polarity pulse input impulse, the output is reverse polarity pulse gate logic signal processing system is the basic unit circuit, it has DTL type, TTL type and the C-MOS type three .DTL is diode Tranaistor logic (diode-transistor logic) is the abbreviation .TTL transistor transistor logic (transistor transistor logic) for short. the difference between these two is dTL logic circuit uses a diode for the input circuit. TTL uses transistors as the input path .C-MOS is an abbreviation for Complementary MetaJ Oxide Semiconductor, this circuit is mainly used C-MOS FET logic circuit of tubes.

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