Novel multifunctional high-power amplifier module 01

Posted on Dec 11, 2010

D-200W unique module design, overload, overvoltage, overheating, short circuit, reverse polarity power source, a variety of speakers shock protection feature set within a modul

Novel multifunctional high-power amplifier module 01
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e. B module uses a unique synchronous dynamic bias circuit, static power consumption to a minimum. It has a fast transient response speed, high gain and loudness effect. D- 200W by a secondary metering station to meet the design refers to the identification of national standard. The basic block diagram shown in Figure 3-4. D - 2 00w pre-differential amplification, constant current power supply, the laser excitation voltage amplification stage is also a constant current load. Last Stage B is synchronous dynamic bias amplifier. Integrated control circuit in addition to ensure overheating, overvoltage, load external short-circuit protection functions, and supply synchronous dynamic bias path and tertiary amplification bias current song module overall quiescent current 15mA, only static final stage amplifier 3 ~ 5mA, reaches static white noise effect module circuit design simple and only three zoom, most large output transient voltages up to the supply voltage in the power supply voltage amplitude dead when persons 50v, transient conversion rate ZOHz ~ 20kHz band in the high of 50V/ys. Final amplifier uses six special high-frequency high-power tube parallel output chip, circuit output resistance is very low due to the B port synchronous dynamic biasing circuit automatically adjusts the output connector 6 are strong emotional, resistive load impedance from high impedance to limit 2n, the module can work properly without additional preamp module when used.

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