OCL AC negative feedback amplifier analysis

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

AC negative feedback circuit is composed of R R and islands (Figure 1-30), since the C3 AC can be regarded as a short circuit, the actual results shown in Figure 1-32 o It is a

OCL AC negative feedback amplifier analysis
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n AC voltage series negative feedback o determines the gain of the negative feedback amplifier circuit (amplification circuit) o it is calculated as: K v (1 + R7)/R6. the gain amplifier circuit also determines the sensitivity of the circuit means that the circuit sensitivity S: reached yet rated input voltage when the output power is really needed, its size is determined by the voltage amplification circuit of calculating its decision. law: Let rated output power P, then the voltage at the rated output power vo /W scale L, circuit sensitivity s V O/Ku. in general, the size of the gain adjustment circuit by changing the resistance R7 to carry out, so some circuit will be designed as an adjustable resistor R7. it is worth noting that after changing the resistance of R7, R2 resistance should follow the change, so that R2 R7, which can keep the level of the differential amplifier circuit is symmetrical, to improve the stability of the circuit.

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