Parallel high-speed current driver circuit diagram OPA660

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

As shown for the high-speed parallel current drive circuit. Input signal Vin have been added 180 resistor equivalent device OPA660 special OTA transistor base B (pin 3), the co

Parallel high-speed current driver circuit diagram OPA660
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llectors C (pin 8) connected directly, and connected with the load, while providing current to the load, thus the current flowing through a single OTA twice the load, because the OTA OPA660 maximum output current of 15mA, while the parallel circuit provides a maximum output current up to 30mA. When you need more current, multiple OPA660 op amps in parallel, in order to obtain the desired load current. Input (B pole) 180 external resistor having a limiting effect, while preventing self-oscillation occurs amplifier and reduce the phenomenon peaking frequency characteristics. Connected to the emitter of the negative feedback resistor RE (tens of ohms to several hundred ohms) can increase the number of dynamic index linear amplifier input impedance and stability, but the OTA transconductance will decline, it can be seen, RE appropriately changing the resistance can adjust the size of the output current.

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