Pure CL B amplifier circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Circuit, the diode VDi, f Pooh is used to stabilize VTi, VT2 base bias, so that when the supply voltage in a certain range, VTi, VT2 a more stable quiescent point. If there is

Pure CL B amplifier circuit
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a temperature change at the same time, since the two grant tube PN junction transistor PN junction temperature changes and changes in the same direction, can play a role in compensation, protection temperature stability of the circuit. C1, R7 and C2, who constitute the input stage bias strip of filter networks to reduce hum noise input circuit. Experiments show that the circuit access or not, the effect is quite different. VTs ~ VT8 constituting the composite quasi-complementary push-pull output stage, has been adjusted so that the static Jo /C4, therefore, in the absence of the letter when, and outputs the tubes are in the OFF state, that is pure B state. When a signal is output VT3, VT4 the form of a current applied to the VTs, VT6 base, thus avoiding the post due to the transistor input voltage dead zone caused by the distortion. Circuit debug: two people are the power multimeter a string, a string of people between the output terminals and the speaker will RPi rotation to ground, build) 2, RP3 maximum resistance to rotation end power. While adjusting RP2, RP3t and adjusted so that the process has remained the string table in the output circuit current reading is zero. When adjusted to supply current table is 2- 2 5mA to o

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