Recording signal amplifying transistor circuit

Posted on Nov 10, 2015

Recording signal amplifying transistor circuit Shows the recording signal transistor amplifier, the microphone signal

Recording signal amplifying transistor circuit
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after adjustment by potentiometer RP1 applied to the transistor VT1, it is a common emitter amplifier, where VT1 emitter connected to the current negative feedback resistor as a stable DC operating point, C3 to decoupling capacitor so that VT1 exchange gain increase, the audio signal after amplification levels applied to the transformer T, the primary winding. By transformer coupled audio signal to the recording head for recording. Transformer secondary winding and 200 pF capacitor in parallel to enhance the high-frequency signal, the recording process to compensate high-frequency losses. VT3 collector outputs Rcs. C16 TV1 feedback to the base, with spout improve the frequency characteristics of the amplifier. The output of the amplifier with variable pressure mode can compensate for high frequency signals. 3V low voltage power supply circuit by the use of two batteries, and has a low power consumption characteristics.

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