Regulator circuit silicon resistor formed

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By the regulator and the regulator circuit silicon resistor formed Simple voltage regulator circuit is mainly

composed of silicon regulator with a resistor, as shown in FIG. FIG vocational DC voltage rectifier filter obtained, the regulator VDZ shame in parallel with the load, because the diode voltage = assume steady work when pressed, should reverse connection, so the regulator should be connected to the positive input into the negative terminal voltage. FIG resistor R is essential, it has two roles: one is to limit current after the reverse breakdown voltage regulator tube to prevent excessive damage to stop the current regulator, so called current limiting resistor R {which is the second is when the grid voltage fluctuations caused by input voltage (ie, rectifying the filtered output voltage) "changes by adjusting the voltage drop across R on to maintain the output voltage substantially constant. However, the presence of two voltage regulator circuit projections disadvantages: one is when the change in grid voltage and load current is too large, the circuit can not be fit to be; the other is the output voltage can not be adjusted in order to improve the above shortcomings, may adopt a series regulator circuit.

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