SM7232, CS7232 dimming control ASIC circuit

Posted on Nov 10, 2015

Circuit core device is a dimmer SM7232 specific integrated circuits, which leads to the foot of the eight functions are as follows: 1 pin VDD, the

SM7232, CS7232 dimming control ASIC circuit
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positive power supply terminal; 2 feet DOZE, 5 feet SEN, 6 feet SLAVE is a phase shift control input, wherein 5 feet touch control input signal by hand touch R5, R4 two high-value input resistor, when the touch time within 39ms ~ 399ms, to be completed by open, turn off the lights, a touch longer than 399ms (about 0.4s). Turn on the lights or dimming can be done for a long time to catch a touch sheet M, the lights of the automatic fade from dark to light and from light fades, you let go deemed appropriate, namely fixed brightness, as long as you want to turn off the lights briefly touch (small in 0.4s) can be, and then touch briefly (less than 0.4s) but also turn on the lights, and keep the original tone set brightness function {6 feet and 5 feet similar, but with a special internal logic, mainly for long distance control when the circuit less susceptible to interference formed malfunction as; 4 feet SYN, the input power frequency synchronization by the internal PLL locking phase shifting circuit as a memory circuit and brightness, producing a zero phase reference raw output trigger pulse; 3 feet for the CAP, internal PLL low pass filter capacitor external terminals; 7 feet vss, negative power supply terminal; 8 feet OUT, is the trigger pulse output. VD1, VD3, Rl and C3 form resistance voltage half-wave rectifier voltage regulator circuit, the output DC 5v for SM7232 electricity. R2 provides a synchronization signal to 4 feet. C2 filter out spikes interference. cl is PLL filter capacitor. R6 is vs SCR trigger signal. R3 resistance will affect the size of the touch sensitivity, and can be selected at 220k O ~ 680k O Room. Two high-impedance resistor R4 is connected to a touch sheet M, R5 is to ensure the absolute safety of the user.

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