SRS5250S Application circuit diagram

Posted on Nov 10, 2015    9348

Typical application circuits Zheng brick SRS5250S constitute processing shown in FIG. 9-41. SRS5250S pin diagram SRS5250S processing circuit may

SRS5250S Application circuit diagram
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switch to select its three operating modes: straight, SRS, single-channel analog 3D mode. This distortion is small chips (only 0--05%), high SNR (113cB), so the input signal pass-through mode number less affected, its fidelity is high, does not affect the playback of music . When choosing shoes shuttlecock mode, you can adjust the width of the surround section potentiometer to adjust the distance degree sound field. For example: When listening to a live concert recording of the program, when the modulation width surrounded by small, it will feel like you are sitting in the back of the concert hall, the singer 's voice sounds distant, but the applause and cheers of the audience surrounding sound ratio clearer. When transfer large surround width, as if sitting in front of the concert hall row, the singer's voice becomes very clear o adjust the center position potentiometer device, you can adjust the left and right field, you can highlight or dilute the film's characters and dialogue concert performer singing. Select monaural analog 3D mode , the input for mono signals can also become better simulate three-dimensional sound, but the effect is not as good a stereo input signal.

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