Single-phase full-wave rectifier circuit 02 phase

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Closed loop portion is composed of longitudinal and transverse two systems, circuit works briefly as follows: issued by the control circuit of the stepping motor CNC system pav

Single-phase full-wave rectifier circuit 02 phase
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ilion order, the receiver receives the signal, by phase-sensitive rectifier into a DC signal, and then by the operational amplifier, control thyristor conduction angle, the voltage is changed from the three-phase AC induction motor supplier given taro winding, which changed the rotating magnetic field strength, to achieve a stepless adjustment of the motor speed. In order to make the system stable operation, improve the precision and mechanical properties of hardness, it introduced tachometer generator (cs) speed of negative feedback. Longitudinal (Z) l.lkW and horizontal (X) 550w AC motor drive for the feed screw turning movement, so the lathe work. 2) phase-sensitive rectifier: a transmitter (FZ) winding and a receiver (sz) three-phase windings connected to one correspondence. 110V AC supply voltage transmitter see magnetic windings, that is the initial angle of the receiver at both ends of the stator winding output voltage and phase reflect the transmitter rotor angular displacement hatred that reflect the magnitude and direction of the error angle between the transmitter. At equilibrium, the output voltage is zero, otherwise, an error occurs, a voltage signal output. Figure 2-28 is a single-phase full-wave phase-sensitive rectifier circuit, the two groups work alternately, respectively, in the resistance voltage output, RP1 is used to adjust the balance. The rectified AC into a DC signal, the speed loop RP2 sent to the operational amplifier (ST) llr cream A-side to zoom.

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