Surround circuit composed by the TDA3810

Posted on Dec 11, 2010

Figure 1-122 is a dedicated high-fidelity surround sound processing IC TDA3810 circuit consisting of surround sound. Stereo signal via the input coupling capacitor cJ, C2 input

Surround circuit composed by the TDA3810
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2,1 7 feet by the internal buffer amplifier, the left and right channel signal number sub Road. 3,16 feet all the way from the direct output signal used as the main speaker, another way to send the active phase shifter phase shift, while the left and right channels of the active phase shifters include back-channel between the two resistors R through public phase crosstalk form (L foot) and (R - L) signal crosstalk depth depends R4 (Rs) and the ratio of Rg, Rg greater the depth of the crosstalk light. Brain element R3, where, C4, q (Rs, R7 Cii, C12) with the internal operational amplifier, resistors constituting the active shift phase o phase shift by varying the extent R (R5) to adjust the resistance, resistance The larger the value, the greater the phase shift. By reverse phase crosstalk and phase-shifted towel (L- R) and wins (R - L) signal, and then select from the switch 613 by the internal electronic circuit pin output t as a left and right channel signals deputy speaker. Electronic selector switch is used to select the circuit operation. When 11 feet when disconnect switch SA, 11 feet high, the circuit is in surround sound state. When the switch SA is closed, the pin 11 is set to 0 level, the circuit is in stereo operation, namely through state. At this time, the stereo signal from the 2,1 7 feet after input selector switch electronically, directly from the output pin 6,13 and 3,16 feet. 7 feet of light-emitting diode VDi to display the surround sound working condition. Internal reference power supply for the IC decoupling capacitors, the internal electronics as the island selector switch t to eliminate the snubber capacitor generated when switching switching noise, cs power supply decoupling capacitors. Resistance Rz (R6) will be part of the deputy speaker signal incorporated into the main speaker signal to form L + Card (L-R) and R + string (a foot L) signal to the main speakers o

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