TDA4863AJ Basic Application Circuit a

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

As shown for the TDA4863J basic application circuit. When the positive supply voltage VP, VF flyback power supply voltage and a negative supply voltage VN to work together with

TDA4863AJ Basic Application Circuit a
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the circuit, the input signal from the sawtooth signal input 6 feet and 7 feet to the inside of the differential input stage of the inverting input terminal and inverting input terminal, the output from the vertical output stage 5 feet after sawtooth voltage amplification. Wherein, subject to the vertical complementary push-pull output stage output amplifier, the sawtooth voltage of the power amplifier, a sawtooth deflection current produces a magnetic field required for imaging through the deflection coils controlling the electron beam scans linearly. During retrace, retrace generator to supply power to the vertical output stage, so as to have minimal power consumption in a short retrace time. Vertical output stage has a temperature limit protection, when T1 150 starts to decrease when the vertical output stage output current to protect the chip, so that will not overheat and damage. Cs2 typical value 150nF, then retrace time and the best noise performance.

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