TDA6103Q having a feedback factor of the test circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

As shown in FIG TDA6103Q test circuit with feedback factor is 1/150. Input signal Vi1, Vi2, Vi3 through the input resistor network consists of capacitors into the TDA6103Q 1,2,3 feet, 2, 3 feet and 5 feet are inside the differential input stage of

TDA6103Q having a feedback factor of the test circuit
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the inverting input terminal and inverting input terminal. The amplified signal from 9,8,7 feet respectively output through the output network of R2, R3, Cn, C8, C9 composed of between 1 to probe to the probe pin 3.1,9 resistor R5 in parallel with the capacitor Cpar composition feedback network; 2,8 feet between the resistor R4 in parallel with the capacitor Cpar feedback network consisting; 3,7 feet between the resistor R6 and the capacitor connected in parallel Cpar feedback network from the current automatic black level stabilizing role.

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