TMPO1 internal functional block diagram and basic application circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

TMP01 is a temperature sensor that comes with a programmable temperature controller, primarily integrated reference voltage source, a current

TMPO1 internal functional block diagram and basic application circuit
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source, a voltage comparator, an amplifier circuit, the internal circuit function block diagram and basic application circuit is shown. The basic electrical parameters are as follows: temperature measurement accuracy of Icc, the power supply is + 4.5 ~ 13 2V, operating temperature range of -55. + 125qC. O feet 2. 5V reference voltage output, the voltage through an external resistor R, a voltage divider R3, to , feet are provided temperature is high (SET HIGH), low temperature (SET LOW) two temperature control point, when temperature sensor detects a temperature letter after number by the internal amplifier output voltage is lower than the potential of foot after the comparator output voltage comparator pin from low level; when the temperature is higher than the amplifier output voltage potential of pin , pin output low level. TMPoi foot temperature signal output, the output voltage is proportional to absolute temperature, the amount of change of 5mV / K, at 25 , output 1. 49V. TMP01 can easily double limit temperature control circuit design two high and low temperature alarm control circuit. , feet can directly drive a small relay.

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