Tape monitor the direction of movement

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

As shown in FIG display circuit for the tape direction. The rectangular pulse generator circuit, D flip-flop (T077), the decoding circuit, the light emitting diode LED1 ~ LED4

Tape monitor the direction of movement
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and other components. By the rectangular pulse generator NAND gate YF1 ~ YF4 composition, the frequency of the output signal is 1 ~ 3Hz, changing C1, R1 adjustable corresponding frequency value. T077 connected as counter states, to signal a rectangular pulse generator output is divided by two. Decoding circuit consists of NAND gates YF5 ~ YF8, its output signal to control the light-emitting diode display, so that when the recorder is LED1 ~ LED4 turn light, indicating the tape running direction. The moving direction of the light emitting point depends on the polarity of the output pulse of the pulse generator. Positive pulse circuit NAND gate YF1 output, the output of NAND gate YF3 negative, FF, PLAY button connected to the pulse switch K1 ~ K3 mechanically recorder respectively REW, which when pressed when a function key, the corresponding trigger signal will be added to the trigger, the light emitting diode emitting in the appropriate form, showing the direction of movement of the tape. If you press the STOP key to display the state of the circuit is broken, only one pair of light-emitting diodes to the oscillation frequency of the pulse generator intermittently flashing, indicating that although the recorder is turned on, but the tape does not move.

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