Ten-way operation of the dynamic braking circuit

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Figure 3-142 for the reel control circuit means. Coiler is used to wound with plastic banding (such as grafting with banding tape) of. The length of plastic tape wound on a pla

stic reel. Due to the low intensity of plastic tape to avoid plastic belt pulled off, stop the motor when the machine must be quickly stopped. In addition, the length of plastic tape measure wound on a reel, and requires the use of photoelectric count the number of devices. When stop, press the stop button SBz, contact KMi release, KM2 pull, electromagnetic clutch Y and dynamic braking circuits operate simultaneously, the motor brake quickly shut down. Using the time delay relay KT (1 ~ 2s) aimed at ensuring that there is sufficient braking time. In fact, several motor is decelerated to stop almost instantaneously. Figure, the contact K, when the photoelectric counter preparations do count

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