Test circuit diagram with feedback factor of 1 83 of TDA6120Q

Posted on Dec 11, 2010

Feedback has shown TDA6120Q factor 1/83 test circuit shown in Figure. Input signal Vi composed by Ra, C10, C11 input into the network TDA6120Q 2 feet, 2 feet and 4 feet are ins

Test circuit diagram with feedback factor of 1 83 of TDA6120Q
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

ide the differential input stage inverting input terminal and non-inverting input, the amplified signal from 12 feet out, after by the Rflash, R2, R3, C7, C8, C9 network of output. Resistance between 13,5 feet Rf is the feedback network, the output from the expansion of the dynamic range of action. Resistance between 1,3 feet Ri, Rin and capacitor C1 constitute a pre-emphasis network. The output end of the resistor Rflash cathode discharge protection, when a high voltage discharge, serves to limit the current and voltage limiting effect. Vcc (6 feet), VDD (10 feet) must be added decoupling capacitors, high-frequency decoupling capacitance characteristics of a good ceramic capacitors and electrolytic capacitors connected in parallel.

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