The basic FET amplifier circuit a

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FET having a high input impedance, the noise figure is small, anti-crosstalk, good mutual interference term performance, etc., in the electronic circuits used more and more wid

ely. FET amplifier transistor amplifiers to be like that, configured as a common source (equivalent to a total emission) amplifier, a common-gate (equivalent common base) amplifier and a common drain (equivalent to common collector) amplifier. And it can also form a common source common source amplifier, total gate amplifier common source and common drain amplifier source altogether complex circuit form, as 8-50 and crystal corresponding transistor amplifier FET amplifier also has the characteristics of the corresponding 6 is similar to the transistor circuit to be noted that in FET amplifier, since the high input resistance of FET gate, the front and rear stage circuit when the cascade circuit, basically without considering the impact on the post-stage circuit of the preceding stage, thereby simplifying the design and debugging. However, because of its high input impedance A, distributed capacitance, inter-electrode capacitance and the Miller effect capacitance affect more than the transistor circuits are critical, therefore, still in use in high-frequency circuits and gate circuits and total common source circuit, a total common source-drain circuit peers formula to improve the stability and frequency characteristics of the amplifier. In the low-frequency amplifier circuit, due to the high input impedance FET, easily induced hum and other noise signal, because this process should pay more attention to shielding and other issues.

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