Three-phase controlled rectifier circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Trigger circuit routing forms, such as some simple trigger circuit, single-junction transistor trigger circuit, synchronous sine wave trigger circuit, sawtooth transition phase shift (synchronous) trigger circuit, integrated trigger circuit.

Three-phase controlled rectifier circuit
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For limited space, this section can only include individual cases for the introduction. Introduction to circuit theory t triggered by a sharp pulse output circuit to trigger the TRIAC, turning it on, the capacitor will be 220V single-phase power phase-shift followed by motor t make it work. 30W adjustment potentiometer output pulse trigger line is changed, thereby changing the VT1 conduction angle change given the magnitude of the voltage stator windings, enabling stepless speed regulation. The circuit may be two sets of flip-flop circuit, triggering the two bidirectional thyristor achieve electric reversing speed control unit. Component parameters: the main circuit capacitor selected phase shift 901, F / 600V. VT1 election 3CTS20A / 800 ~ 1000V, FU1, FU2 election 10A, the rest of the circuit diagram according to preferences.

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