Touch a fan speed control circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Synchronous vibration Ai, a liter zygomatic count number, control logic i NIE armpit three parts. Internal oscillator start-up Ai Road [U l: zero just after the sync pulse. Stop Ding Zhen sync pulse close to the lower

Touch a fan speed control circuit
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porphyrin 0:00. Just when the power is turned on, the internal circuitry is automatically reset. (7) feet without pulse output flI. Place under a low state. (2) Debate 1 foot by touch, dividing counter oscillation circuit King J pulse counting, pulse to the first seven. (7) jump to my feet L level until the sync pulse intersection near zero returns low. SCR conduction angle is small. When the second touch by frequency dividing counter circuit for counting the oscillation pulses to the reed 5 (7) feet l 'jump is high almost. SCR conduction angle is large. 3 gang touch by mf, dividing the first oscillation circuit counting the pulse count. (7) feet Ji jump for the business level, well maintained to ridicule step closer to the zero-crossing pulse. SCR conduction angle on the largest, escape 1500 Tsui. When the fourth by touch, servant-frequency circuit to stop counting II: count (7) feet without pulse output out, equivalent pod machine tune its procedures meet the above-mentioned four-cycle arrest operation carried out. If the IC (4) feet then the power is extreme, just above the 3.4 leather-like trigger change for completion on / off function. It can touch a metal ring so that M (2) foot touches the world, you can also add high pulse f3) feet it now feast conversion, this feature can be J {{for remote operation. To f SCR can bared ridicule speed, full bridge U unipolar into the AC ripple voltage. Supply lC K111668 cedar wine container stream power is limiting resistor R3 buck regulator _ Regulators diode D t save 6 8V. Two rice tube D. isolation. After filtering G win 1 6V steady stream of voltage supply. By the resistive and capacitive elements R7. C5 constituting the inner clock oscillation frequency of about 1.5kl-lz, the internal supply output section, counting the frequency divider circuit. The Ri. R Shu provide back pressure 100} Iz red spine synchronization input to lC VJ (5) feet, counting the internal oscillator and divider circuit and power supply frequency synchronization, the zero crossing of the reference yield canthus' E shift pulse output to change SCR conduction angle, up to date flat motor speed of the wind changes. Touch the end of the two-jH4.7M Cl (f <J resistor in series: j "type, anti-topiramate separated by a short circuit occurs -H resistance shock, 0 for eliminating interference, C3 for filtering to improve the stability .D, used. circuit isolation, to prevent high -level pulse Ha Chong damage IC. wherein the inductance L and capacitance C. illustrates an RF-filtered network. tfSCR prevent clutter conducting high transient l Bute produced radiate, scrambling around 1 normal operation of electrical equipment;

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