Transistor attenuation - feedback tone circuit

Posted on Dec 11, 2010

Figure 4-11 is a feedback attenuator consisting of transistors tone control circuit. The circuit in addition to a conventional high, bass control system, balance control, volum

Transistor attenuation - feedback tone circuit
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e control loudness, but also with subwoofer control, field sense of control. In order to improve the transient characteristics of the entire tonal system and reduce distortion, this circuit uses a high operating voltage, 24V supply voltage. In the circuit node configuration using the excellent performance of the differential amplifier circuit as a signal to noise ratio of the circuit, the dynamic range to achieve a higher level of technology. In the circuit, coral, volume control potentiometer is pre-din, and its subsequent stage loudness volume control potentiometer P7 brush with each other, can obtain better compensation effect of loudness while enhancing the ability to overdrive the input stage and improve playback signal to noise ratio. After the signal from the input stage by RPi attenuation through the emitter VTi constituted after the output impedance transformation, namely into the NF type tone circuitry for processing o foot) 2 as telepresence control potentiometer capable of 500 ~ 2000Hz frequency signal within the boost or attenuation around 6 f8dB, can be used to control the system and the atmosphere, increased presence. RP3 control potentiometer for the subwoofer, it is generally the bass controller is different in frequency from the control to its lower turning point made about 100Hz. So when playing a larger dynamic music, the bass and soft but with a touch. After the feedback tone control circuit is changed after a group of straight bass High attenuation control circuit. RP4 bass control potentiometer, it subwoofer control potentiometer RP3 can better control with low frequency interest, especially in the low frequency response of. RPs for the treble control potentiometer. The proper use of the controller, can effectively improve the clarity of the program.

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