Trunk main wiring system diagram a formula

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

6-lOkV bus segment at the circuit breaker should be installed, but when any of the following circumstances, can be equipped with isolating switch or load switch or isolating co

Trunk main wiring system diagram a formula
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ntact head group. 1) when the accident manual switching power supply to meet the requirements; 2) do not need to operate with a load; 3) protection or automatic device No I 4) less outgoing circuit. Substation transformer power switch installed irresolute: as a way to stem Sh supply, shown in Figure 15-8, should be installed with a protective Kaimei set equipment. In radial power supply should be installed isolating switch or load switch. When the transformer high-voltage power distribution room adjacent paste, may be installed switch. When the low self tie breaker vote manner, shall meet the following requirements: should be installed in automatic recovery, self pitcher Fu, since the vote out three position selector switch status. Low-voltage tie breaker from the cast delay O ~ ls. When the low-voltage main circuit breaker failure guillotine opening, does not allow automatic access through the tie breaker. The low pressure side of the main circuit breaker and electric interlock tie breaker should not be and network operation. When the emergency power supply (eg diesel generator) access substation low-voltage distribution systems, and power supply should be set between the external network interconnection, network and may not run. To avoid confusion with the outer A power billing. On the wiring to have a certain. Flexibility to ensure that give some important load power in the non-accident.

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