Using ASCII keyboard code development system

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Expressed in ASCII keyboard code CY512 easiest development system. It has three operating modes; 1) the immediate command execution mode. Users type ASCII commands and keyboard

parameters ASCII- stepping decimal, you can directly control the stepping motor movement. 2) Enter the programming mode. Type the user program, stored in the memory buffer CY 512 inside. Executive 3) stored program. As long as the key for eight Q/(Exit programming mode) and D/(Start program execution) can be. Heres an example of programming. Consider for a similar workpiece welding procedures, it has six pitch solder joints are 20 steps in each solder joint, the controller connected to external control lines 5s, welding operation. After the completion of the six joints, the motor should be returned to the original position, and other candidates of the next workpiece. In front of the installation program to set the highest rate stepping, deceleration ramp rate and rate coefficients and other parameters.

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