Using OP37 preamp

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FIG. 3 a king in Figure 5, the circuit OP37 composed of multi-preamplifier o OP37 is a ratio of better performance NE5534 integrated operational amplifier circuit, Table 3-3 li

sts the parameters of contrast between the two. Contrast can be seen from the table, OP37 has a higher conversion rate, a higher open-loop gain, lower noise voltage and higher common mode rejection ratio, is a pun on operational amplifier of the Emperor O Icl composition electromagnetic phono input equalization circuit, it is consistent with RIAA standards. I composed Pakistan line amplifiers, for player, tape recorder, microphone and line input, etc., selected by the input switch SA. By the IC3 and RP2 ~ RP4 and resistor-capacitor network has formed a high, medium and bass tone control circuit controls. 15V power supply circuit using the symmetrical positive and negative power supply, in order to enhance performance o circuit element circuit using high-quality RC element, in order to ensure its technical indicators.

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