Using STK3048 and STK6153 practical circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

(1) with the direct promotion of complementary high-power tube STK3048 STK 3048 the use of high voltage, wide dynamic, accurate differential input pair tube, with a common emitter terminal and the output terminals are collector constant current source

Using STK3048 and STK6153 practical circuit
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load, so low distortion, high gain, power supply ripple rejection can use STK3048 9 strong push high-power tube is not only superior performance but also save a lot of pairing with debugging, simple and reliable. As shown in Figure 3-38 is STK3048 push power rate and MJ2955 2N 305,5 tube circuit, the line is simple way to no less an element oRl and R2 can use the finished board. After power as if the tube is not hot; no other abnormal load can be adjusted RP, make Rl, R2 on the pressure drop is 10 ~ 13mV, so VT1 and VTZ quiescent current 40 ~ 50mA, operating in Class A and B state. Welding can be decoupling capacitors and integrated circuits a foot welded together, the other person "ground" terminal are connected thereto. If the voltage is greater than the midpoint lOmV, you can pick ^ servo circuit (this article was found to be feeling 30mV). Speaker connections are working to try Xin mother after a good tune with some of the machines in the block compared favorably.

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