YSS247 application circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Compare similar products YSS247 has the following characteristics: less external components. The difference is that with SRS5250S, YSS247 just a potentiometer to adjust the sur

YSS247 application circuit
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round effect. You can switch or turn the tone control and surround effect results. Stereo positioning YSS247 application circuit accurate, three-dimensional effect is prominent, strong sense of space in the horizontal direction. Especially its true center channel positioning accuracy, and no adjustment of the tone control oYSS247: bass 100Hz 10dB, treble 10kH2; 10dB, SNR 95 twisting, distortion 0.0025%, showing that its performance is good. This circuit should be selected in the production of high-quality components. With particular attention to the quality of double potentiometer, otherwise because of the symmetry of double potentiometer bad influence tone adjustment and two-channel surround effect. Next, tell a YSS247 application circuit, a circuit diagram shown in Figure 9-52. This circuit can be detailed by the switching regulator surround effects o switch can also be used to adjust the center frequency of the tone control rate, can achieve better results, 3D simulation of surround sound field more realistic and natural.

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