Zhichuan Electronic Circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

The saying goes "dead ringworm surgical, medical dead asthma." This example describes an electronic anti-asthmatic, high voltage stimulation pulse it produces, to cough patients can play a role of adjuvant therapy. (1) circuit Zhichuan circuit by

Zhichuan Electronic Circuit
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the self-excited multivibrator, the buffer amplifier and high voltage generating circuit, shown in Figure 24-2. Self-excited multivibrator transistors VT1, VT2, capacitors c1, c2, and a resistor R. -R. And other components. Buffer amplifier circuit by the emitter follower amplifier tubes VT3, wind bias resistor, R. And a coupling capacitor C, C4 composition. High voltage generation circuit by the potentiometer RP, resistor Rs, amplified output tube VT4, auto-type step-up transformer T and output jacks acne XS components. (2) works self-excited multivibrator generates a frequency of the oscillation signal of about 500Hz, the VT3, VT4 amplification and transformer T boost after treatment, from the socket at the output is greater than xS iocf , 1 high-voltage pulse voltage. The pulse voltage by two external electrode sheet was added to cough patient days sudden hole (riding his head, in the chest on the edge of the middle notch accounting depression) and too vertebral points (commission conical cap or sitting down in the first 7 cervical spine), adjust the positioner RI resistance, can change the output voltage of the high-voltage pulse amplitude, to adjust the intensity of the electric pulse.

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