Precision-Increasing Buffer

Posted on Dec 28, 2012

Adding an unity-gain buffer to your analog circuit can increase its precision. For example, by itself, the op a

Precision-Increasing Buffer
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mp IC1 exhibits a maximum dVosldT of 1.8 /iV7°C and can drive a 600- load. Under these conditions, IC1 would dissipate 94 mW incrementally. Thus, the op amp"s 0JA of 150°C/PFr would change its vqs by 25 juY. The buffer, IC2, will isolate IC1 from the load and eliminate the change in power dissipation in IC1, thereby achieving ICl"s minimum, rated offset-voltage drive. The loop gain of IC1 essentially eliminates the offset of the buffer. Almost any unity-gain buffer will work, provided that it exhibits a 3-dB bandwidth that is at least 5 times the gain-bandwidth product of the op amp.

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