Precision-Increasing Buffer

Adding an unity-gain buffer to your analog circuit can increase its precision. For example, by itself, the op a
Precision-Increasing Buffer - schematic

mp IC1 exhibits a maximum dVosldT of 1.8 /iV7°C and can drive a 600- load. Under these conditions, IC1 would dissipate 94 mW incrementally. Thus, the op amp`s 0JA of 150°C/PFr would change its vqs by 25 juY. The buffer, IC2, will isolate IC1 from the load and eliminate the change in power dissipation in IC1, thereby achieving ICl`s minimum, rated offset-voltage drive. The loop gain of IC1 essentially eliminates the offset of the buffer. Almost any unity-gain buffer will work, provided that it exhibits a 3-dB bandwidth that is at least 5 times the gain-bandwidth product of the op amp.

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