16 LED Chaser

Posted on Dec 30, 2012

This circuit is a double direction flash. Similar to Digital Ping- Pong 1, there is a movement of a lit dot, up and down along the LED's length. When the D16 lit the situation changes and there is a reverse movement. Lit D15-14 ??D16, is lit making circles when the circuit is under power. The IC1 is an unstable flip- flop supplying with stable frequency pulses (the frequency can be changed by TR1, adjusting the velocity of the LED's up and down). This frequency supplies the IC3 (which is a 4-Bit UP and DOWN counter) through 2 gates A-B of the IC2. The output counter supplies the IC4 that is the driver of the LED's.

16 LED Chaser
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

The parts C- D of The IC2, make a R-S flip- flop, that changes situation, when the edge LED's D1 and D16 lit. We have an electronic limit for the situation change. In proportion the shape we make with the LED's, we can have the proportionate optional result, making various effects. Part List R1= 100Kohms C1= 330nF 100V MKT IC3= 74193 R2= 220Kohms D1-16= LED 5mm IC4= 74154 R3= 470 ohms IC1= 555 TR1= 1Mohms IC2= 7400

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