LED DICE circuit

Posted on Mar 21, 2013

1. Pressing `Roll` switch. When the switch is turned on T1 is turned off (its base is pulled high by the 3M3) and the 555 oscillator is not oscillating. Pressing the ROLL switch immediately charges the 470nF capacitor, T1 is turned ON and the 555 starts to oscillate. The 470nF gradually discharges via the 10M and 3M3 and turns T1 off. Since values & capacitor leakage are not critical a small monoblock capacitor can be used.

1. The 555 timer. The universal timer IC is the 555. It is about the most popular and versatile IC`s ever produced. It is an ingenious combination of analog and digital circuitry. It operates from supply rail voltages of between 4.5V and 15V. We

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