Morse Code teacher

Posted on Feb 24, 2013

Morse Tutor is a program written in C++. It can be used for learning or sending morse code. Morse code uses long (dash) and short (dot) sounds to communicate. The dot is the basic unit and the dash is equal to the length of three dot's. Morse Code was developed by Samual Morse in 1897. Due to the advantages like overriding noise, static, use of simple transmitter and low power requirements, it is still used for communication. The program provides character mode, line mode and file mode of operation. In character mode, separate character can be practiced. In file mode, stored messages can be sent. This mode also have provision for creating a new message file.

The speed can be set between 5 WPM (words per minute) to 20 WPM, amd tone can be varied between 100Hz and 4000Hz (4KHz) using the program. The default speed is 12 WPM and tone is 700 Hz. Recently i have modified the source code to include RANDOM MODE to Morse Tutor. After adding the random mode, i found morse tutor much more interesting. User can specify the number of random words to be generated and the Morse Tutor will generate the random words. You can download the zip file which contains the latest version of Morse Tutor. NOTE : I suggest you to compile the source code (morse.cpp) in the distribution and use it. If you are going to use included binary (morse.exe), please check for presence of any virus before executing Morse Tutor. Your computer need a Speaker (not a soundcard) to produce the generated morse code.

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