Hot Wire Foam Cutter project

Posted on May 25, 2012

I leave it to the reader to supply their own power supply. I am using a supply from an old external SCSI drive. My cutter runs from the five volt supply and 25cm of nichrome wire pulls about 900mA or 4.5 watts. That is actually running a little hot and I plan on building a temperature control circuit shortly. I have read that the key to successfully hot wire cutting of foam is apparently `slow and cool`. After my initial experiences I believe it. My design is pretty simple and breaks down into four parts; base, top, shuttle, and cutting arm. Each piece is described below.

A small hook extending from the base of the shuttle bar holds one end of the heated wire. The shuttle is driven to a desired position along a lead screw. Adjusting the position of the shuttle bar along the screw allows for an adjustable cut angle. Recall

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