A sequence of opening and closing the outlet circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

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A sequence of opening and closing the outlet circuit
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y and quickly. Analyzing crimping electrical fat shown in FIG. 1] 5. (I) j Division Kom winding judgment: the two batteries connected in series, and then send this f polarity diode pole phase. Pull and L1 LCVJ either tap Tong then, wantonly Shito pumping * dry batteries were ugly like touch, 2 LED lights for the Adams Division I-phase winding. (2) winding ending judgment: put an end to any two motor windings Fung phase, and the other ends of the second board indigo light poles Zan phase. One end of one phase and the remaining electrical winding his negative phase, M-side halo * battery pole touch, pick iin Slap asked Nymphoides light. f Hang arm off, this battery cathode meal - negative and positive - like light-emitting diodes r arm of the connected winding brother end. While winding ship Emirates or tail, a quiet instep clear. If in pocket, you can change the battery terminals or winding terminal f If the test light emitting how grafting: a very small bones are light, you should check the battery, the light-emitting diodes and various f connectors Liu Liang to ll.. (Sun Heting Sun Dayu

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