8 way Up/Down Switcher

Posted on May 27, 2012

As with the Electronic sel. 8 we also have here a circuit with a choice of 8 different sources. The difference is that only two of the switches are used and the movement of commands is Up-Down in series. We have evidence of activity at each entrance by the corresponding Led 1-8. Throw the SL1 connector, we drive the Relay of the circuit Relay Sel. 8. Alternately we can use the IC3, which is a 8-channel multiplexer analog choices, without relay. For stereo use, we must use two IC3, one for each channel. If we place the correct [pairing] combination resistors before the IC3, the circuit becomes an electronic variable resistor with 8 steps.

8 way Up/Down Switcher
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

Parts: R1-2=10Kohms C3-4=47nF63V MKT IC3=74HC4051 Single 8-Ch. Analog [Comp. 4051] R3-4=100Kohms C5-6=10uF16V IC4=74HC237 R5-8=100Kohms C7=47nF63V MKT S1-2=Push Button sw R9=10Kohms .D1-8=Led 3mm. S3=DIL 8P SW R10=470 ohms IC1=4584 C1-2=100nF63V MKT IC2=74HC193

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