Leakage protection switch circuit diagram


Posted on Mar 28, 2007    5308

As shown Multifunction leakage protection switch utilizing Nissan ASIC M54122L, it can be composed of multi-function leakage protection switch, when the leakage and electric sh

Leakage protection switch circuit diagram - schematic

ock, the magnetic field through the inductor line and neutral generated cancel each other on the coil AC voltage is not generated. When the leakage or electric shock, the coil generates a voltage, pin 7 produces a high triggered thyristor, so that the relay off the power. Overvoltage protection by the Ru1, Ru2, Ru4, Ru5, D1 composition. Ru1 varistor for absorbing lightning or neutral failure caused by overvoltage. When the supply voltage is increased, Ru resistance becomes smaller, the R5 voltage increases when the supply voltage is equal to 275V, the voltage of about 1.8V on the R5 through R4, D1 trigger protection.

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