uPC1891 application circuit

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ptPC1891A application circuit, where in SA is working state switch, a total of four to choose from, it is mainly through the

Ic 11 and 12 feet set different levels of logical units to achieve, can refer to Table 5-12. Where H is the high level Sv, L low OVo RPi potentiometer used to adjust the depth of the concert hall and movie theater effects, RP2 ~ feet) 4 are used to adjust the output intensity of the left and right channels and the surround channels, Island ~ c9 is an external filter capacitor. FIG amplifier circuit portion of the surround channel amplifier, TDA2030A circuit constituted fffL form to increase the output power O tPC1891A supply voltage of 12V, an integrated voltage regulator 7812,111 2 feet state control voltage Sv, from the 781 12V voltage regulator VDi Rs buck and provide after 2 outputs.

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