A volt DC power supply circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

By the old I *, jh;, ililiiit; NE555 circuit implementation and other child member, NE555 1yj complex I end (6) feet. Set bit Vr: {2) feet Ding electrical equipment connected s

A volt DC power supply circuit
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servant K indole road by J4L/ipi border value +11, etc., the pair of the two ports Ib E just equal to the supply voltage Vcc 1- 2. That is set to catch the f Min quiet 1/3Vt: e, r small reset explain false 2/3Vce. ijc ~ mc to tie Cui il: Huang Zhong like hanging system h1E55 of special planing plant clamor servant. j: Electric Slap ln], mountain riuh L2 na ashamed River. IC (NE555) WJ (6) feet for the electricity supplier -I. LIj input terminal (3) is also low reset pin diode rely V r Kazuya fI. Relay Pi release like confusion, motor Ml] + rotating chain l-.wj hit l ~ iH travel outside walking XK2 move, throw out a {r XK2 later. XK 2 WJ touch. Closed .1C Wd (2) feet potential Ov, s {j little bit Shua Zha two rubbish] who l/3Vce more t [C Phi Chad (3) feet 1 electric amidine change i/t;., Following. I-what measures the foundation f contact manifold station, electrical} Jl {sneeze to fil/iJ wire transfer .lU village l ifLiXK2 touch. Zengduanqiongdan. Foot electric complex to l 2vce. when the back (6) feet lu shovel also address door vce, da 1; reset electrical shaving lc - bu, wh ic output terminal (j) i loyal electronic information .h {; sit, machines continue unpredictable rotating .i old block j {sleep stroke .li7r share skewer ge xk1 h soil 1 foot. goblets journal servant crossed period fiii electric half fi -}, chih dust mountain rrm rotation

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