AC power supply circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

AC power supply circuit as shown in FIG. It mainly consists of power supply, the reference voltage, the comparator voltage sampling circuit, and several other units. Mains tran

AC power supply circuit
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sformer from O, feet input,, feet autotransformer tap,, feet for the control power supply circuit and sampling taps. Mains voltage is normal, because the voltage at point C is always 3V (ie Ri vs buck regulator income). A, B point voltage greater than 3V, it J1, AJ2 output low level When the mains voltage drops,, pin voltage can be decreased, A point voltage drop also followed when the A point voltage drop low at 3V when, AJ1 output high, the transistor VT1 saturated conduction, the relay Kl warm together, the regulator output adjusted to 1,3 feet; when the mains voltage continues to drop while, empathy voltage at point B below 3V (UA

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