Bridge voltage regulator circuit diagram using the

Posted on Dec 11, 2010

FIG. A ~ c circuit has a high coefficient of voltage. If the regulator resistance rz is constant, while maintaining the delicate balance of the bridge situation has infinite vo

Bridge voltage regulator circuit diagram using the
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ltage coefficient. Figure a load circuit connected to the bridge diagonal at the midpoint of regulation satisfies the condition R1/rz R2/R3, the output resistance of the circuit is about rz + R3. In order to reduce the voltage drop on R3, the output voltage should be stable with pressure pipe is equal to the operating voltage Uz. Figure b circuit is particularly suitable for low voltage stable. The output voltage is approximately equal to the difference between the two operating voltage regulator, namely Uz1-Uz2. Output resistance is rz1-rz2 + R3. Figure c circuit is only suitable for input voltage and output voltage difference between a small case. Two zener voltage should be as equal as possible the work, two resistors R2, R3 can be equal.

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