Digital Cameras -DV machine power supply circuit

Digital Cameras -DV machine power supply circuit It shows a digital camera/DV machine power supply circuit, the circuit MAX1800 chip to control the core. The figure shows that

digital cameras are battery-powered. Low voltage (0.7 ~ 5.5 V). But the circuit inside a digital camera often requires a higher voltage, such as +18 V, + 15 V, + 1V and the like. To this end the use of digital cameras MAX1800 Li iJ chip PWM signal, and by boosting the way open after two off pulses via a switch transformer (TI, T2) output + 18V, + 15V, + 12V, -7.5V, also outputs + 1.8V and 3.3V DC voltage. At the same time recommended by the IC2 +V output voltage.

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